How to prepare for a model test shoot

The aim of a test shoot is to showcase a model rather than garments or accessories. That’s why it’s necessary to avoid anything that could distract viewers. Everything should be very natural and simple.

General requirements are as follows.

Makeup: natural, neutral, nude or no makeup at all. You can just apply a thin layer of a light foundation or moisturizer. Skin should look natural. You can add some blusher, highlighter/luminiser or cheek sculptor if you feel confident in making up. No any dark eye shadows or bright lipstick, please.

Hair: clean, natural.

Wardrobe: casual comfortable clothes not to divert attention from you. No vivid colors, prints, florals, letters, uching, embroidery, crystals or big logos. Just comfortable basic clothes. Several looks are preferable. I recommend these garments:

  • plain white or off-white shirt (men’s oversized shirts is a good option)
  • base top or T-shirt (plain, white, black or beige)
  • wide base trousers (preferably with pockets and a belt)
  • oversized jacket
  • jeans or shorts
  • leggings/yoga pants
  • sweatshirt/hoodie
  • sports top
  • bodysuit
  • plain turtleneck
  • leather or denim jacket
  • basic jumpsuit

Shoes: any simple basic shoes (sneakers, heeled or flat shoes, gym shoes, sandals, etc.).

Accessories: not necessary, but some small basic accessories are acceptable. For example: small earrings, a belt, hat/cap, etc.

Manicure and pedicure: also neutral (or transparent), short nice nails.

Please take with you:

  • Garments and accessories
  • Hairbrush, scrunchie and hair styling gel (if you have any)
  • Face powder (for oily skin)

Sleep well, relax and enjoy your shoot!